BODILY HARM via Vaccinations

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All vaccinations are causing bodily harm. Bodily harm is occurring on a large scale. Vaccinations are causing bodily harm because it affects blood flow in capillaries and then it impairs blood flow, causing neurological damage, brain damage, organ damage.

Blood vessels are being impaired at the micron level - causing ischemia, hypoxia, anoxia - affecting end blood vessel territories - derailing microscopic blood flow. This causes micro vascular strokes to the brain as well as peripherals because end blood vessel blood flows get impaired. Healing is either partial or not at all.

White blood cells stimulated by the vaccines (immune hyper stimulation from the disease and hazardous materials just injected) are much bigger than the red blood cells carrying oxygen. The red blood cells have to squeeze like bullets through the 60,000 miles of end capillaries of the body to drop off oxygen in single file. They begin to get blocked off, and the side channels get blocked off. The side channels get blocked off, the end capillaries get starved of oxygen and nutrition. White blood cells are not getting through at all, leading to NO OXYGEN = ISCHEMIA at end capillaries. SILENT STROKES occur. The brain strokes after each vaccine.

Each vaccine is additive.

It is the body's response to foreign material put into it. It is additive with every vaccination. The response to the vaccine is that it burns out end blood vessels. The immune system then goes to clean up the damage, including the damaged tissue, making things worse. If the tissue is ongoing being damaged, your body will create auto antibodies against that tissue to go clean it up.

AUTO-IMMUNE DISORDERS are coming from this ISCHEMIC condition, including repeat vaccinations. ALL VACCINES CAUSE ISCHEMIA, including H1N1.

Bodily harm is occurring on a large scale. There are no pain receptors in the brain, so the lack of oxygen at the micron levels are not felt as pain, compared to a lack of oxygen in the heart (very painful).

What do we do when Medical science catches up to public health practices? Using knowledge in medical physiology and clinical sciences, with new and old diagnostic technologies, it is now known that ALL vaccinations cause immediate and delayed, acute and chronic, permanent and transient, disease and disorders that cut across all organ systems. Tissue damages are a result of impaired blood flow and blood "sludging" in the microscopic vessels throughout the circulatory system. Autism, ADHD, Sudden infant death, specific learning disabilities, seizures and more.

We stop and we prevent bodily harm.

end vascular territories is where the damage gets done

Vaccines cause BODILY HARM

The technical description of how vaccines cause BODILY HARM is a result of the following credentials:

Vaccines cause BODILY HARM as follows:

Through extensive research and work throughout the years, it has been discovered that vaccinations are causing impaired blood flow (ischemia) to the brain and body from clinically silent to death. These are strokes - across the board for all of us. There is very good reason to believe that all are being affected and all vaccinations ARE causing the overwhelming rise in autism, specific learning disabilities, attention deficit disorders, sudden infant death, gulf war syndrome, dementia, seizure disorders, some cancers it would appear, and much much more.

The brain and nervous system is wired in a very specific format. Functions are localized to specific areas. Having studied brain and behavior, neurosciences, clinical neuropsychology, child neurodevelopment, functional brain imaging, clinical neurology, clinical neuropsychiatry, clinical medicine, immunology, hematology, tests and measurement, and understanding the tools and assumptions and techniques of mainstream medicine, this is a unique position of having being able to see clinical medicine problems, from a multitude of simultaneous areas of expertise and scientific knowledge. Relative to the human brain, understood "rules and laws" of brain function relative to brain damage and the mechanisms of medical physiology that can uniquely cause unique patterns of brain damage in ways that clinical skills could detect, that mainstream neuroimaging cannot. The initial "aha" moment was in 2001.

Seeing, autistic patients, after coming out of medical school - they had a trans-cortical motor aphasia, isolation of speech syndrome, and very specific cranial nerve palsies that could ONLY be accounted for by ischemic stroke. Remarkably, studies of schizophrenia, dementia, and research exposure to neuroimaging modalities and brain and behavioral assessments before medical school contributed to an ability to "see" what has been in front of our eyes all along - ischemic strokes and brain damages - from vaccinations. The problem has been we neither knew how to measure, when to measure or what to measure, let alone what the limitations were, of the tools we have been using to measure brain integrity, in health, disease and disorder.

It has taken the past several years to decipher how ischemic brain damages were happening in the autism we were seeing and the many other neurodevelopmental disorders. Now believe we have the answers for this, or so it appears and some solutions.

Wild polio caused the exact same brain damages as ALL other vaccines are. Indeed, Guillian Barre syndrome and a host of other neurological disorders are being caused by a common mechanism of injury - albeit from different triggers for different individuals. This is ischemia - from impaired blood flow in microcirculation units. We simply did not appreciate what was right before our eyes.

First cases studied included several Autistic and Schizophrenic patients. They were showing the exact same acute onset palsies - paralysis. These brain damages were subtle - but measurable multiple, and were present in the pre-vaccine era for wild viruses like polio and infantile paralysis.
Once armed with the knowledge and skills of a medical doctor, a clinical neuropsychologist, a child neurodevelopmentalist, with research experience in neuroimaging, tests and measurement, scientific method design and analysis, functional localization of brain and behavioral disorders, and a broad base across several other scientific disciplines, we can now see "the whole forest" despite the trees. Quite literally, found and discovered a common mechanism towards acquired human disease and disorder - all of it.

We have quantified and expanded standard neurological and clinical neuropsychological tools of brain function and assessment. In essence, we have "digitized" the neurological and neuropsychological physical neurological exams across neurodevelopment using contemporary image enhancement software constrained to functional localization in the brain relative to end vascular, watershed territories - "the end of the road" for varied brain blood vessel areas. All of tools and techniques are non-invasive.

We are now able to assess in the here and now, or looking back 50 years ago, to answer questions as to cause, in disease, neurodevelopment disorders, and much more. Remarkably, we can now advance diagnose sudden infant death syndrome, and can answer questions relative to - Was this a shaken baby?, Did vaccines cause this person to have autism? Was this death caused by Gardasil? Did vaccines cause these damages? The mechanism to damages is common across all when vaccines are involved, and sometimes even virulent infectious diseases.

Germs simply are not the only root cause of death, disease, and disorder. We have now conclusively shown that ALL vaccines, from infancy to geriatric, are causing the exact same brain damages irrespective of what disease or disorder comes out. The damages are specific to end vascular "mini strokes" - that are beneath the resolution of our neuroimaging, but measurable in a before/after vaccination protocol. They are also directly measurable in real time - however, this involves techniques and technology not disclosed to the public as yet.

Remarkably, wild polio, pre-natal German measles, measles, tetanus, "Spanish flu", etc.. all caused the exact same damages in the pre-vaccine era. We simply did not appreciate that a generic response in the human body was causing the paralysis and respiratory failure and more in from a non-specific immune response and instability of microscopic blood flow hemodynamics.

We have weakened viruses and bacteria, injected them into all of us and caused chronic illness and disease in an attenuated form, this is how these pathogens have always caused harm. It is the bodies response to foreign things entering it, especially under hypersensitivity states, that is causing neurodevelopment disorders and chronic illness and much more.

The explanation of epidemic is simple, we are now seeing:

Gulf war syndrome affecting and disabling 250,000 troops and 42,000 deaths. These vaccinated soldiers show the exact same neurological damages after vaccination as the infants and children are exhibiting after each childhood vaccination. These are strokes (oxygen demand exceeding oxygen supply) conclusively!
This is just the tip of the iceberg.

These microscopic strokes are happening to the brain and body in immediate and delayed, waxing and waning, acute and chronic ways. This is receiving a plethora of clinical labels. In basic physiology, the base cause is common across the board. There is no such thing as an acquired genetic epidemic. The epidemic is an acquired phenomenon, from environmental factors, for which we can now conclusively show, vaccinations are the mass culprit for most of this.

The public gets it. The chiropractors embrace it. The medical Doctors, including pediatric neurologists, are stunned by it. The pharmaceutical and organized medicine cartels must deny it. The philosophy is "if they cannot deny the message, then they will discredit the messenger." This is simply how the system works. The evidence is now self evident. All you have to do now is receive the education you need to appreciate and see what is before your very eyes - layperson, Doctor, Police Officer.

Imaging is called the 12-IMAM - 12 "Eye M.A.S.S. Anoxia Measures" - based on the 12 cranial nerves. "MASS" - stands for Moulden Anoxia Spectrum Syndromes. Anoxia refers to impaired oxygen delivery to tissue.

Other doctors, researchers and scientists agree with this knowledge base. All of them, once they take the time to learn. It is 100% undeniable. There is NO way to refute what we can all see now. By example, gravity was with us since the dawn of creation. Sir Isaac Newton did not "discover" gravity, he simply put the conceptual framework forward as to why apples fall from tress.

We have simply put the conceptual framework science, measurement system, and explanations to "why are we getting sick"- and "LOOK" - all vaccines are causing the exact same neurological damages irrespective of what disease comes out, across the lifespan. This means that it is something the body does in response to immune stimulation that is causing disease and disorders.

What percentage of vaccines cause adverse effects? --- all of them. We can now show the evidence to back this up. The damages have been clinically silent, but we are all being harmed along the same continuum from clinically silent to terminal disorders and diseases, across all organ systems. However, the ability to measure and prove this point, for the moment, is locked in on the brain functions and neurobehavioral and neuropscyhiatric and neurological conditions primarily.

It is possible to determine in advance (using medical tests or clinical examination) who is most likely to react / which individuals are predisposed to very serious reactions to vaccines. Vaccines are not addressing the common cause of disease and disorder in human physiology. It is not the germs causing disease and death and chronic illness, it is the bodies common, generic, non-specific immune response and electrostatic instability of blood flow that is causing disease, and many states of autoimmunity, including multiple sclerosis, and much much more.

We do not need to vaccinate for all the pathogens on earth, since all pathogens are inducing disease and death and disability via a singular common set of mechanism. It is these mechanisms that need to be addressed on an as needed basis. This is now do-able - it always was. Louis Pasteur's germ theory was just that, a theory. His contemporaries, Dr Antoine Bechamp and Dr Rudolph Virchow were closer to the truth as to the cause of disease. Remarkably, this means that much of what we are doing in western medicine is wrong, we have been practicing medicine in a state of confusing cause and effect and causing more harm, globally, than good - for over 200 years!

Those who believe strongly in vaccines often claim that it is too early if a reaction takes place within only a few hours or too late if a reaction takes place several months or even several years after administration of the vaccine.... Within which time could the adverse effects occur in your opinion ? Could these side effects frequently been delayed ? How could you explain that some adverse events occurred so much time after the vaccination.

Reactions are occurring for us all, within several minutes. This is a function of two things:

The microscopic blood flow and vessels are being damaged, immediately and delayed, waxing and waning, acute or chronic, clinically silent to apparent. One part involves phase changes in blood flow from "fluid" to gel, and back again. This is sludging of blood flow."Sludged" blood cannot traverse capillary units designed to allow red blood cells, which carry oxygen, through the capillaries, in single file. In physics, Force equals Acceleration times MASS. This is known as Sir Isaac Newton's "Big G" (for Gravity). As you increase MASS (as in sludged blood and agglomeration of other particles suspended in blood flow, including heavy metals and amino acids), without a net increase in force, then there is deceleration and no forward flow.

The brain (and other organ systems) do not have blood flow receptors. There are only blood pressure receptors. Accordingly, when flow is diminished, there are no signals to the body that something is wrong when pressure remains adequate. This all plays out at the microscopic level, sometimes at the angstrom level, we have no microscopes to see this live within the human body.

When an infant dies of "sudden infant death" or "no cause of death" after vaccination, the actual cause of death is impaired blood flow, in this case to the microscopic, watershed, end-capillary vessels in the brain stem controlling the central drive for respiration. The impaired blood flow has to be bilateral. This causes a cessation of breathing. Cardio respiratory arrest ensues in a perfectly healthy human. Coroners will not find cause of death as the cause of death -- no microscopic capillary blood flow, in life is also present for us all in death, no blood flow.

Adverse events happen so far removed from vaccination as the damages are additive, on-going, and susceptible to other non-specific immune hyper stimulating events beyond simply vaccinations. The ischemic state can wax and wane. Auto antibodies can be formed against tissue that is now poorly perfused. The viscosity of the blood can fluctuate and vascular areas damaged from previous vaccinations are now uniquely susceptible.

However, the common mechanism of delayed pathology is almost always related to immunological tolerance, lost, impaired colloidal stability of blood flow, and loss of the carrying and dispersion capacity of blood flow. "The life of the flesh is truly in the blood" - this is Electrostatics. There is no such thing as alternating or direct current in nature. It is all Electrostatic. In terms of formed elements in the blood, this is in the form of minute static charges in the realm of 100 thousandths of a volt that maintains blood flow as dispersed, spiral, fluid, with low bulk stress or agglomerated, laminar, "sludged" with high bulk stress.

The laws that govern blood flow in the human body are the same laws that govern movement in our universe. These are electrical and chemical forces. Cause is never to be found in chemistry. Chemical changes is an effect. Cause is found in electrical forces, that are a part of all substances that have Mass. Western medicine ignores the electrical nature of the human physiology, largely due to a lack of understanding, and an inability to profit off of basic facets of nature freely available to us all, electricity, electrostatics, and water - of all things. The body is 75% water by weight. Blood is 95% water. This water has an electrical component as much as all mass and matter in our universe has an electrical component. This electrical component is critical to blood flow, blood carrying capacity, healing, and functions at the cellular level.

All vaccines are "suspect" . It is no longer an opinion as there is now conclusive evidence to show that ALL vaccines are causing the exact same damages for us all in the exact same manner that wild polio virus caused paralysis, respiratory failure (Iron lung), death, bleeding into the brain, and more.
It is the act of repeat vaccinations, properly spaced apart that is creating one part of the problem. It is the aluminum that is creating a second part of the problem. ALL other foreign substances in vaccines are creating a third part of the problem, like adding fuel to a fire. One does not need to be directly vaccinated to be vaccine injured.

Vaccines are not the only trigger that adds up to the problem. Sometimes, when the mother is immune tolerant to a specific antigenic determinant, vaccination to the mother will induce the "MASS" ischemic damages to the infant via breast feeding in the same manner that vaccination does, and cause autism (ischemic strokes). Sometimes this will cause "Mobius syndrome" - in the prenatal life, 48% of these children have autism and/or childhood schizophrenia. Schizophrenia and autism are the same "beast" - in pathophysiology (MASS ischemia) albeit the triggering sequence differs as a function of immunological. Electrostatic, and timing of damages in neurodevelopment.

The damages acquired are additive and summative with each vaccine. By example, we have now demonstrated that the teen girls that are having severe adverse effects from Gardasil, including death, are actually experiencing a completion of the additive neurovascular damages that were adding up with EACH childhood vaccine. These damages are also additive for the infants and children in the same manner. These are all ischemic strokes. There is a "breaking point." -- If this point is reached, in frequency, duration, or severity, in the toddler years, neuropdevelopmental disorders emerge. If it happens in a teen or adult, a different set of symptoms will emerge. The process is akin to a fast or slow strangulation of tissue by impaired fluid dynamics and microvascular circulation, integrity, and repair.

In France, since the widespread Hepatitis B vaccination campaign there, many are claiming to suffer from macrophagic myofasciitis (Gherardi, Cherin et all). This is a condition caused by the abnormal stagnation of aluminum crystals resulting in an over-stimulation and over-reaction of the immune system and a whole host of related autoimmune and other problems.... this discovery confirms the existence of this kind of illness.
This is similar to the Arthus reaction from vaccination, the "Bordet phenomenon, the Sanarelli/Schwatrzman phenomenon, and type IV delayed hypersensitivity responses in mammalian physiology." "M.A.S.S." - is a series of physiological steps that induces ischemia, to skin, brain, organ, and bone. Aluminum is a coagulator or flocculant. Aluminum has a plus three electrical charge. All positive cations are "coagulators", they cause particles with mass to come together, agglomerate, sediment, "sludge". Aluminum has 84 times the capacity to cause agglomeration (sludging) as does Sodium (Na+), an element with a singular positive charge.

We use aluminum in water treatment plants, to cause "sludging", agglomeration, and flocculation so that impurities in water sediment to the bottom of the water. We use aluminum in anti-antiperspirants since they cause "sludging" and blockage of the perspiration ducts in the arm pits. This same sludging is achieved in human tissue and blood flow from vaccinations with aluminum. The ischemic tissue attracts macrophages that attempt to "clean up" the damaged tissue as well as the sedimented aluminum. This causes an inflammatory response (or not). The aluminum cannot readily be removed from the tissue since the large positive charge (from Aluminum) derails the negative electrostatic carrying capacity of the blood where the aluminum has accumulated. The blood vessels, muscle, and fascia in the tissue area will be damaged from the on-going ischemia and the inability to remove aluminum from the area (an electrical charge problem). The macrophages and white blood cells will be called to this area to "clean up." It is the act of the immune system chronically coming to this tissue area that perpetuate the problem and creates greater disease and the possibility for induction of an autoimmune response, or immunological tolerance through anergy or deletion.

Remarkably, the immune response, in biomechanics, that causes further tissue damages, in some instances, from macrophagic myofaciitis to Type 1 Diabetes to Parkinson's disease, to Multiple Sclerosis, to Guillain Barre Syndrome, to Febrile seizures, to Autism-spectrum, to Crohns-Colitis, to Sudden Infant Death - to "you name it."

Are the toxic adjuvants in vaccines, like aluminum, the only ones which can trigger the reactions or can vaccine antigens contribute to these reactions also? In other words, if vaccines did not contain aluminum, would this completely solve their toxicity problem or not? NO, Vaccines should be banned.

Backed up with conclusive evidence -- all vaccines have to be banned. They are all causing ischemic brain and body damages and chronic illness and disease. Vaccines do not address the cause of disease from infectious agents, MASS and electrostatics of blood flow. It is MASS and the electrostatics that needs to be addressed, not vaccinations for every possible "bug" on planet earth.
Aluminum, mercury, squalene and other contaminants that have added to the vaccines, are equivalent to viruses and bacteria relative to causing damages to human tissue. They are foreign substances in human physiology that induce electrostatic and immunological responses, both of which derails blood flow as well as can lead to direct tissue damages in their own right.

Importantly, the vaccines are causing the exact same pathological sequence as wild polio virus does and did to cause paralysis and respiratory failure. This is the same mechanism by which:

Wild polio virus, measles, and congenital rubella etc. in the pre vaccine era caused the same damages we now see, in a different form, from vaccinations. There is and was no mercury or aluminum with the wild viral infections. Clearly, the problem cannot be solved by removing the aluminum adjuvants. The solution is the control of the electrostatic stability of blood flow and fluid dynamics in addition to controlling the non-specific, generic, immune response sequence, which we now know, and is called "MASS."

Remarkably, MASS and electrostatics contain the answers to pathology prevention as well as to key aspects towards recovery for those harmed - brain and body, across the "MASS" spectrum.

Remarkably, the evidence so glaringly obvious, that you can quite literally, now see for yourself, in the here and now, and going back 70 years ago if damages happened then. This is achieved via the non-invasive, functional, neurovascular, neuromotor neuroimaging suite.
Vaccinations have not eradicated epidemic diseases. No, not at all. All we have done is translated "forest fires" for 1% of the population into chronic and acute "brush fires" for the entire population. Sanitation, nutrition, potable water, proper nutrition and hydration was eradicating epidemic disease. Virulent pathogens can be handled, we simply needed to control the "MASS" response in human physiology along with the electrostatics of blood flow. In this regard, there would have been no infantile paralysis or respiratory failure from wild polio, or death from Spanish flu, or H1N1 for that matter. We can handle the germs, all of them, we simply need to control the magnitude and nature of the immune system response to these virulent pathogens. The same pathological sequence has to be controlled, in human physiology, on an as-needed basis, irrespective of the pathogenic strain or virulence. Polio is now known as aseptic meningitis and a bunch of other names. It never went away. Then again, it was never polio, the virus, that was causing the paralysis and disease, these were ischemic strokes from "M.A.S.S." All other pathological states flow from this generic common first step to disease.
Organized medicine has not been kind, although it would have been kind if we all simply "played ball." At the time of these initial discoveries and proof causation proven tools, Dr. Moulden was on the boards of directors of two organized medicine bodies in Canada, resident editor, and about to be posted to the newly forming Federation of Specialty physician in Canada. Dr Moulden chose to represent the truth and science and humanity rather than line ones own pockets or accept career advancement for �selling out.� This is what a physician takes their oaths to do. This is what a scientist is bound to be true to. This is what a human being does for fellow beings. It is not about being better than ones fellow being, it is about helping one�s fellow being become better. We all have a part to play. As it turns out, these medical discoveries are small parts and the knowledge belongs to humanity, not someone's pocket book, and not buried in some pharmaceutical firms "knowledge vaults."

This work frightens those in the know at the upper echelons. They will have to brand those with this knowledge a "quack" and destroy credibilities, as they will not and cannot deny the evidence now brought to bear here.

It is no longer a simple matter of "are vaccines safe?" The repercussions with "MASS" discoveries is that the entire medical model collapses, the germs are NOT the cause of disease, in and of themselves, this was never the truth, it was just theory.

The truth is self evident now, res ipsa loquitur. All they have to do is come and listen, come and look. ALL who take the time to learn and be educated with the evidence now available, are speechless, from pediatric neurologists to all medical and paramedical professionals alike. The vaccine courts have nothing to do with truth. We shall see what viewpoint emerges from that pit in time.

In France, the authorities claim that it is only those from the back woods of France who are opposed to the Hepatitis B vaccine and that the link with multiple sclerosis has never been proven. ---- Multiple sclerosis is ischemic damages first, from impaired blood flow, from MASS and de-railed electrostatics of fluid dynamics in human blood. This is also Guillain Barre syndrome. The myelin sheaths around the nerve cables can be damaged by antibodies against myelin basic protein, or other theories like "molecular mimicry." The bottom line is that the ischemic conditions are coming first. When this is perpetual, waxing and waning, the damages will slowly accumulate. The "cables" of white matter tracts in the grain are also vascular. Even blood vessels have blood vessels (the vasa vasorum) and the white matters tracts, targeted in multiple sclerosis, will be targeted for auto-immune destruction of they are experiencing on-going damages from ischemia. This is achieved with repeat vaccinations, "sludged blood flow", "MASS", and derailed fluid dynamics in the microcirculation, brain, body, and the interconnecting tracts of the nervous system.

For well over a century, large numbers of doctors have blown the whistle on vaccines, coming together at conferences to inform the world of the dangers of this practice, but their papers, research and statements have fallen on deaf ears. ---- Money makes the world go round. The medical model we currently have, is wrong. Some truly believe they are doing the greater good. The political system is controlled by corporate interests with deep pockets. They don�t know what they don't know. Fear is used to control us all. They have lacked the proof causation proven techniques now acquired with the 12-IMAM measurement system. Science is only a man-made statistical, probabilistic, mathematical model that can just as soon discover truth as it can create truth de novo, or cover truth, if the end justifies the means, profit is involved, and they know of no other way to achieve the end we all seek.

Also, Dr Bernard Rimland, founder of the autism research institute and Defeat Autism Network protocol in the United States, is was a very qualified person who knew the true magnitude and reach of these discoveries. Unfortunately, Dr. Rimland has passed away.

Remarkably, some very prominent scientist-advocates in the autism spectrum world know of this work, however, this work threatens their organizations as well, which creates more blocks. One cannot justify spending a 5 year, 5 million dollar research grant assessing the effects of measles virus on macaque monkeys when someone has shown you that the germs are not causing the disease, let alone autism. You cannot justify charging families $5000 to receive gastrointestinal work ups, when it is now shown that the gastrointestinal problems are a symptom of the same pathology that is causing brain damages, ischemia.

All vaccines, across all diagnostic end points, are creating the same measurable, reproducible, quantifiable, neurological ischemic damages. The law is dragging its feet. Bodily harm is occurring on a large scale.

The following link to "Baby M." tells the story, across the board.
Role of the WHO, and the CDC --- they are being controlled by the very groups that profits from selling us sickness and disease and symptom based palliative care based on lack of understanding as to the cause of human disease and disorder, in cause, prevention, and treatment. The entire grid of checks and balances has been corrupted, in knowledge, power, direction, goals, methods, beliefs, legislation, and appointments. Human health and wellness cannot be mandated at the end of a syringe or in a one size fits all anything. Cut, burn, and poison is not health care.

This work represents one of the most important discoveries in the field of health.

It is the cause of disease and chronic illness including all of the neurodevelopmental disorders, dementia, many neurological disorders, and... well, pretty much most of what we have put labels to and not quite understood. We have been throwing watermelons at dartboards trying to hit the bulls-eye, not knowing where the bulls eye is. We have been making a mess of things and causing global, needless, pain and suffering, on astronomical numbers. What we have to bring to bear is quite literally a paradigm shift in all health care which takes us from the era of candle making to the era of the electric light bulb with answers, and solutions, that does not require putting foreign substances into our body. It is time we focused in on "bulls eye" in health and wellness. This work paves the way for this era and a return to natural healing arts, including chiropractic, naturopathic, osteopathic, herbology, and traditional Chinese Medicine. This is going to be a tough pill for allopathic medicine and pharmaceutical interests to swallow. Assuredly, with science and self evident truth to share, no one will ever buy or sell another vaccine, in the history to come. This is coming fast. Hope we are not too late.

Measures currently being taken in various countries to bring in compulsory vaccination against a potential swine flu pandemic ---- This is genocidal. Those that will be harmed will those that have received the most vaccines since the damages are additive from each vaccination. The younger generations will be hardest hit, immediately and delayed. We are about to inject MASS vaccinations, creating M.A.S.S. disorders, on mass scales. This will be brain and body damages for all. This is a looming catastrophe that will create the very thing it purports to avert and then some. We have been here before.
We make a final heartfelt plea to the citizens of all Countries to please wake up from this titanic ride we are being taken upon, the iceberg is straight ahead. You must take control of the helm - we all must rise to this call, all Nations... now.

Governments might institute martial law including enforced and compulsory vaccination. The laws have already been passed that support these very acts. Indeed, in the event of a civil uprising, the laws have been changed in North America such that the American military can come into Canada to quell civil up-risings. Once martial law is called, or a global pandemic is called, the individual citizen no longer has any rights, they must receive the vaccinations, else be deemed a threat to national security and public health.

Spanish Flu did not kill 20 million. It was the non-specific "M.A.S.S." immune hypersensitivity response and loss of electrostatic control of stability of microscopic blood flow that caused clinically silent end vascular, watershed circulation ischemia.

Ischemic strokes to brain and body were as much a cause of the death from Spanish Flu as it will be with the next "outbreak" via vaccination vectors or wild virus vectors in the community.

You do not need vaccinations against Spanish Flu anymore than any other pathogenic strain, you need to control the mechanisms in human physiology by which all these varied pathogens induce disease, this is MASS and electrostatics, also known as "Zeta potential."

The body and brain can heal much the same way a diabetic foot ulcer can heal and a pressure (decubitus) ulcer can heal. This is all blood flow first, in pathology, and in healing. Electrodynamics, remarkably, is as much a part of the healing process as is oxygen, and control of MASS and zeta. The hepatic system is critical. The body can detoxify on its own, however, it must be placed in the proper physiological state.

Thankfully, to this date, vaccine injuries, relative to brain functions, have mainly disconnected the white matter connecting cables tracts while leaving the cortical "lightbulbs" (gray matter) intact. The white matter brain cables can re-connect. This means motor and language and sensory functions, including much cognitive function, can be fully recovered. The brains cables will re-grow and re-connect, perfectly and point for point on their own. One has to re-establish the balance on the human body, multiple organ systems. This is all do-able, however, it must be done on a case by case basis as there is no one size fits all here. -

"Through my extensive research I have discovered that vaccinations are causing impaired blood flow (ischemia) to brain and body. I have reason to believe that all are being affected and all vaccinations ARE causing the overwhelming rise in autism , specific learning disabilities, attention deficit disorders, sudden infant death, gulf war syndrome, dementia , seizure disorders, some cancers it would appear, and much more" - Dr A.MOULDEN

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end vascular territories is where the
 damage gets done

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